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"The Inked Ladies" is an atmospheric narrative experience set in a quirky circus. Find out what fate befell your mother as you explore a whimsical circus tent filled to the brim with curiosities. Speak with and uncover the secrets of the inked ladies. Be amazed by the two-headed quick-change artist, dance with the snake charmer and be astounded by the supernatural abilities of the fortune teller. "The Inked ladies" is a game being developed by Liv and James from the University of Southampton. Liv has a passion for storytelling and developing unique narrative experiences and James creates assets both digital and physical. WIP 

Version 0.5 - Added menus.

Version 0.7 - Light Correction (hopefully), added journal, about us page update

Version 1 - Added a conversation system and quest hand in feature

Version 1.8 - Massive audio update including music and voice actors

Version 1.9 - Major cutscenes and final scene added, level layouts updated

Version 1.9.8 - Cutscenes updated and more assets added

Version 1.9.9 - Controls added, UI updated, hit boxes added

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TheInkedLadies1.9.9.zip 280 MB
TheInkedLadiesMac.zip 280 MB

Install instructions

Just download and Unzip, then click the stripy icon called Inked Ladies.exe

Development log